Wednesday, January 11, 2012

to each his own

Megan could only ring her hands so much. It was not fun. All the waiting. Especially, at Derrick's parents.

There were good intentions to get to know them. But they liked boiled dinners. They didn't like to eat out. And his Mom would go running even in the cold. Megan suspected she'd have to do those runs with her. Megan had never jogged in her life.

It was a lot to get used to. Especially, the pull out bed in the den. The bars under the mattress made her back ache. Of course, she was beginning to think Derrick could sleep through anything. Of course, this put a stop to all the love making.

"What is it? Are they afraid we're going to make them grandparents, or something?" Megan pulled her tired self out of bed.

"No, they just want us to leave. This is the way they treat their company." Funny, Derrick was more monotone now. Like he was miserable too. As if his parents put a spell on both of them.

"So how many more days, until we leave?" It was definitely working. She was constipated as well as bloated. What were his parents doing to them?

She got on the bathroom scale after her morning pee.

"OH MY GOD." She looked at the scale

"What?" Derrick got up finally out of the lumpy bed. He could barely stand up straight.

"I've lost weight." She looked at him. "How is that possible?" As miserable as she felt, she was happy to have lost twenty pound.

"That's the Jacoby diet for you." Derrick shrugged, as he started the shower. He couldn't get under the hot water fast enough. "Well, come on?"

"Won't your parents-"

"Look if we're saving them a buttload of hot water, they'll be happy." He smiled.

Megan rolled her eyes. Yeah, she could hardly wait to leave his parents.


ellie said...

Maybe its good they want to be out on their own.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Definitely an eye-opening experience for them both. :/

Sara said...

Haha, that last part was cute :)

Josie said...

I bet they both learned something.
xo Josie