Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Into the world

Megan felt as if she walked off the ledge of her balcony now, she would feel nothing if she fell. But she was safely inside.

She felt so lost, but there was a load of laundry to do and she was going to do it, on her own. No more arguing. She'd just do it. Now.

Of course, Derrick was at work. She thought of how miserable Valentines day was. They went to that only sandwich shop that Derrick trusted. Some life this was. She felt trapped. But she was doing the laundry. And she would try to get it out of her head, that Randi's baby was not Derrick's. She would not put it past him. She wouldn't. Just her luck he did the deed.

Then again, she did like having sex with him. Thank God, she knew what he was like. She would not be here, otherwise. She remembered in the beginning when Derrick said, "Oh, we'll ruin our friendship." And that played out for three days. He was just waiting for a dare... then came marriage. If only she believed in herself, more.

She would just have to get used to the fact that Derrick might have a kid. But she wouldn't tell him. Never. Megan caught herself talking out loud about it while she was in the elevator, bringing the clothes down to the laundry room. She told herself to shut up. This was her secret.

Megan would act surprised when he found out. She relived it in her head. She would do a much better job at her reaction than Blair from Gossip Girl, ever did.

Finally, she got to the laundry room. Megan talked to the washing machines as she fed them dollars and turned on the wash.

"Who are, you, talking to?" A voice said behind her.

Megan jumped, turning to someone who didn't look a day over 15.

"Are you sure you're suppose to be here?" She'd never seen a teenager around here.

"Are you sure... you're suppose to be here?" He asked right back as he was taking out his wet clothes to put in the dryer.

There was just something strange about him. Maybe he was homeless. But he didn't smell, and his sneakers were new, and his clothes looked OK. Still, maybe he was a well dressed homeless person.

"You're new? Right?"

"Yes. I am." She tried to act older, like she might be his teacher. Her hands were on her hips at first, then she hugged herself nervously. There was something really familiar about him. But what. She couldn't put her finger on it. Those eyes. Bedroom eyes. Thick lids. Big eyelashes. "Do you act?"

"I wish." He croaked a laugh. "The biggest thing I ever did was being a day player on All My Children. Then. It go cancelled. Haven't done anything since." He turned on the dryer. "So I'm housesitting." He shrugged.

"This is an apartment building." She clarified.

"I know. But its still house-sitting." He looked at her, as if he weren't going anywhere. "Look, I'm Timo, maybe I'll see you around." He was leaving.

"I'm..I'm.." Suddenly, she had a brain freeze or maybe it was a brain fart. She could hardly remember her first name, and certainly not her last. Did she even want him to know her first name? "I'm Meg."

"Meg." He nodded with an open smile. "OK. Good to know."

Megan found herself alone again. She hated being alone. She felt so alone now. She wanted to will him back, but she was not a witch.


ivy's closet said...

Oh, Megan...

Hope she get a hold of self before its too late.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope she pulls it together. :/

Sara said...

I am glad that she is making friends, but I hope that is what it stays at. It might be nice to have someone around though.

molly said...

This should be interesting with Timo. I like the fact that Megan thinks she's so mature, but possibly..really isn't. These are such new experiences for her. Then to think she doesn't completely trust Derrick. Its as if she has this love/hate relationship with him. Yet, I feel a lot of us can relate to that.

Josie said...

Megan needs to get ahold of herself.
xo Josie