Thursday, February 2, 2012

Like a pimple waiting to pop

"What is she doing!" Megan couldn't believe Caitlin hung up on her like that. She called back. Evidently, Caitlin shut off her phone. "What am I suppose to do?" She paced her small space as Derrick laid in bed watching a video on his tablet he'd picked up since they'd gotten here.

"What's going on?" He made a face as if she were interrupting him.

"Oh, Caitlin. She wants to break up with Zeke." Megan shook her head." She could only think of one person to call, but she was afraid too. Afraid, he might be mad if he heard from her. "I have to do this." She clicked where she needed to go on her phone.

"You can't do anything, about it, you know." Derrick sighed.

Megan swelled in a frenzy. She didn't listen to Derrick. She went to the bathroom. She needed to be alone if she was going to talk to Smed.

"Thank God, you answered." It was a relief to hear his voice.

"What happened now??" He sounded as if he might have to guide her to the nearest coffee shop or something.

"Its Caitlin." Megan bit her thumb nails. "She's gonna break up with Zeke..or..I dunno. She didn't sound like herself."

"How's she suppose to sound?"

"THIS ISN'T FUNNY SMED." She was serious. "She could do something..I dunno. Hurt herself. Maybe." Megan cringed at the thought of Caitlin in the bathtub. Instantly, she thought of a horrid scene in Rules of Attraction. "What if..what if she kills herself, Smed?"

"Megan, don't go there. All right. She would never do that. She would NOT do that." Smed told her.

"OK." She wanted to believe him. She really did. "But, but could you check on her? Please."

Just then Derrick knocked on the bathroom door. He needed to pee.

"All right. I'll do it." But she cut Smed off. She didn't think it was a good idea to let Derrick know she was talking to him.

"What are you doing?" Derrick wanted to know, after she unlocked the door. "Who keeps the bathroom door locked? Its just the two of us, you know?"

"I know. I..I was talking to Zeke. See, if he was OK." Megan managed a small grin while Derrick made no qualms to pee in front of her.

"Zeke? How did you get his number?" Derrick winced.

"Its just for emergencies." She shrugged, possibly not nervously, but maybe. She hoped Smed would call. Soon.

"Lets get something to eat." Derrick said while washing his hands. It was way after midnight, but that didn't mean the city was sleeping.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Turmoil is most definitely on the horizon. :/

ivy's closet said... Smed involved in this.

lucy and sarah said...

Keeping secrets from, should that be happening?

ellie said...

Oh, that Megan. Dragging this Smed into this. And Derrick..he's such a guy.

Sara said...

uh-oh, I am not sure she should have lied about talking to Smed.

Josie said...

I love that last line! Epic.
xo Josie

FWB said...

This could get sticky!