Wednesday, February 8, 2012

no big deal

How could he have dreamed about Javi? Logan still couldn't shake the thought of him. Funny, how he thought he could completely forget about him. He thought he had. But suddenly, he imagined Javi leaving something behind. And it wasn't a cat, either. More like a disease of some kind. And that frightened Logan even more.

He just wasn't sure he could keep it to himself. He wasn't like Alex. Logan needed to talk about this. Sure, he knew he'd waited too late. Perhaps. He guessed.

Yet at the moment, Alex got up and got dressed.

"I think someone brought someone home," Alex said.

"Like what?" Was he hearing things? Logan rose up on his elbows and watched Alex. "Someone bring home a dog?"

"Yeah, like that would happen. Somebody." He told him.

"'re not gonna..."

"No, I'm not gonna walk in on them." Alex looked at him as if he weren't that kind of guy.

"Alex!" Logan whispered as loud as he could. "Get back here. We don't need to know." Alex hesitated as if he really needed to know.. He sighed then.

"OK." Alex shucked his jeans and got back in bed with him.

Thankfully, the bed was still warm and Alex was hot against him. Still Logan felt troubled.

"What if I told you..." Logan could hardly put the words together.

"What?" Alex whispered. Then they heard a noise. Voices. Were they arguing? Or was that sex sounds?

Now Logan was startled.

"Its no big deal." Logan quickly said. Javi was not a big deal. Not exactly. It wasn't like them. They weren't completely lovers. "Really." Logan was OK now, but still he hoped he didn't see Javi, anytime soon.


ellie said...

I'm sure Alex is going to find out. One way or another.

Bonnie said...

Alex will find out. It always happens.
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Ben and Molly said...

I gotta wonder if Ravi will show up soon..and who's in the house.

lucy and sarah said...

Darn, I was hoping Alex would find out.

Josie said...

Honestly, the truth always comes out -- it's a ticking clock.
xo Josie

Sara said...

Wow, awkward! I am sure they will find out who it is soon enough.

Cafe Fashionista said...

He'll find way or another. :/

FWB said...

I'm glad they have each other. Javi can't rip that apart.