Saturday, February 4, 2012

not that I really noticed

Megan's phone call really put a damper on the night. They couldn't go out for pie after the party. As it was Smed couldn't wait to get out of the tie. He drove Natalie back to the dorm and gave her a quick good night kiss.

"What's wrong?" She wanted to know. Her hair was still high on her head.

"Nothing." He didn't mean to lie, but he was pretty sure it was nothing. Megan wanted to stir up trouble. He bet Caitlin and Zeke made up, and they were already asleep.

So he gave Natalie a proper good night kiss. Told her he didn't want to mess her hair up. But as he got in the car, he knew he'd forgotten to tell her something. What was it?

He started to think of Caitlin, though. It couldn't be that bad. It couldn't. He soon got home, shucked the tie and the shirt and suit and pulled on his old trusty flannel pants and tank. The house was quiet. Zeke, however, was asleep on the couch.

Definitely, they had not made up. So he tapped lightly on their bedroom door. However, the bathroom door came open and there was Caitlin in her robe with a towel wrapped around her head.

"Hey, what's up?" He smiled thinking she didn't look depressed.

"Not a lot. I decided to cut my hair." She told him.

"Cut your hair?" He was waiting to see if she'd shaved it.

"I dyed it, too." She unveiled her wet hair.

"I see." Was that what this was all about? She wanted to change her hair? "Uh, I got a call..from Meg, she..she's worried.."

"I was being weird, I guess." She looked sad, though.

"You want to talk?" He wondered if she'd like to go to the diner.

She shrugged and went to her room. He waited. Possibly it was a no, but then he heard the blow dryer. Soon she was in her jeans and favorite hoodie, ready to go.

It did feel a little odd, going some place with her. He was underdressed, but at least he was in his Converses and trusty black hoodie.

They never did this. Never. But maybe it was a first. Maybe this was what they needed. Yet, it was when he locked the kitchen door behind him. He remembered what he forgot to tell Natalie. He shook his head, as he figured it out.

"What's the matter?" Caitlin asked.

"Its nothing." And he didn't think it was a lie, either.


ellie said...

I'm starting to worry about Smed, now.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh..I gotta wonder how this might go.

ivy's closet said...

I hope he won't completely forget about Natalie.

Ben and Molly said...

I'm not sure this is a good idea.

mazzy may said...

Oh, boy...what could this mean?

Sara said...

I hope this is as innocent as it should be..come on Smed!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! This is not what I want to see from Smed! :/