Friday, March 9, 2012

clouds in her coffee

Megan put Timo out of her mind. She tried. Unfortunately, she felt as if she were in a dead end of some sort. So alone. No one to talk to, except those phone calls to Caitlin. It was good to hear her drama. She wanted to hear her voice, not see letters in a text. And the more she listened, she didn't think of Timo's eyes. His lips. It wasn't that she was taken with them. It was the familiarity of it. But what did that mean? Who was he?

Suddenly, one night she woke up, as coming up for air. Naturally, she didn't wake Derrick.

Her heart was beating fast. And she saw Timo's face in her dream. But only one word came to mind. Smed.

She missed him. She didn't want to, but he was there, in the back of her mind, like someone watching her in the corner. It was Smed who she thought of when she'd picture Timo. She'd compared them.

Bedroom eyes. That's what it was. Wasn't that what her mother said about Smed the first time she saw him? Even though, Megan knew her mother was drinking quite heavily then. Nothing made sense when she spoke, but she'd just smiled and wondered just how lucky Megan was.

Of course, she didn't dwell on her mother's words long. She wasn't thinking of calling her mother. She never did. No, she'd thought of that encounter with Timo. Thinking she needed to talk about this, but she didn't really want to mention it to Derrick.

Before she knew it, she was on the bathroom floor calling Smed. It couldn't have been midnight, yet. Not there.

"Why are you doing this?" He bit right into the conversation as if he were in the middle of something.

"Well, you picked up." Megan whispered.

"Megan, you're whispering." Smed sighed. He sounded sad.

"What did you and Caitlin do?" She wanted to know as if it were the key to her sleepless night. There would be no mention of Timo. He was like this substitute she hardly needed to know.

"Nothing." The way his breath heaved. She thought just the opposite.

"You are so bad." She looked to the ceiling as if she might get a pat on the back from her good angel conscience then.

"If..I am..what..are you?" His question stung her deep. "You wouldn't be calling me..if something wasn't wrong."

"Smed, I hate you. I really do." She was positive.

"That's what you called to talk about?" He was sullen, but it made her smile.

"I thought I saw you other day." She couldn't help but smile more as if maybe they were talking in code now. A new level of their very old and tainted romance.

"Did you do anything about it?" He taunted back. It haunted her more. She felt a rush of happiness, hearing his voice, and yet it left her so sad. Thinking, he was just a ghost now. The past. Smed really was the past.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe this phone call was exactly what she needed to officially move on. :/

Josie said...

Oh, I could NEVER leave Smed in the past...
xo Josie

ellie said...

Actually, I like what Smed said to her.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, those two. It might not be over.

ivy's closet said...

Hmmm..what is Smed up to? What will Megan do?