Saturday, March 17, 2012

daring the truth

"Were we ever gonna talk about this?" Smed's question seemed forever to hear. Zeke wasn't sure if he could answer him. He was showing Smed his place. He'd pulled up the carpet in the livingroom and found that it had real wood floors. He was thinking about refinishing the livingroom floor. But Zeke guessed Smed was talking about Caitlin.

"Eventually, know..she's not talking to me. And everything is going so well for you and Nat..I dunno..didn't want to bother you." Zeke sighed as he showed Smed the back yard.

"She won't talk to you?" Smed festered a frown, but it might have been the sun catching his eye through the big oak tree out back.

"Hasn't yet." Zeke winced, showing Smed the garden spot. He was wondering if Smed had any suggestions about what to plant.

" can you let something go that?" Smed was still asking about Caitlin.

"I dunno..if I've let anything go, exactly. Kind of like... hitting pause. I guess." Zeke shrugged. Smed crossed his arms and stared at the empty garden spot. "Has Cait said anything?" Zeke wondered.

" know..." Smed was still wincing.

"What did she say?" Zeke guessed it might not be any of his business.

"She's been keeping to herself, you know. I mean, she studies. She..she stays in her room." Smed told him.

Zeke nodded. He guessed Smed would know. But he wasn't so worried about her much these days. And maybe that was a good thing.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes not caring is the best solution. :/

molly said...

Oh, Smed..I wonder if he'll ever tell Zeke the truth??

ellie said...

I'm glad Zeke is moving on.

Sara said...

I think he is healing.

lucy and sarah said...

Well, it must have been a hard conversation for both of them.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's best for smed to be quiet.