Wednesday, March 21, 2012

food and good company

"Oh my God," Timo smiled all over. Just what he thought, Megan wouldn't let herself get caught up in the city. And he liked the idea of showing her around. Although, they didn't get very far. The Indian place was laid back. They could have had more fun. She was afraid of the water pipe. Harmless fun, he thought. But this was more than an experiment than anything, he supposed as he watched her. All awkward, like a little girl taking in the bright lights.

Still she questioned him. How did he know where she lived? Really? He didn't know how to say it. Yes, he'd played a silent cat and mouse game with her. Not everyday. He couldn't help himself. It wasn't like he was a true stalker.

Instead, he decided he'd start from the beginning, and leave out hiding around the corner to find out where she lived in the building.

"Are you from here?" She was in love with the curried veggies and flat breads, sampling spicy sauces.

"No." He shook his head. "Do you know anyone named Timo?" He grinned. He told her the story how his Air Force father found him in an orphanage in Germany. His Mom couldn't keep him, so she wrote his step-mom about this. Perhaps hoping his real Mom would get his Dad back, but as it was, he came to America.

Of course, he didn't mention about the struggles with school. Not that he was exactly mental. But he was most challenging, at times. He had issues. Even diagnosis with academic Autism. Issues, he really didn't see the need to talk about. After all, he was rather high functioning, believing most of his teachers to be idiots. That was when he was younger. Now he was 20 and really, the past was behind him.

Timo felt an inkling of hope from Megan as she gave him a heartfelt look that she wanted to know him.

"I just got married." That stung to hear. It felt so quaint, just before then.

"How's that working out?" Timo wanted to know.

"Oh, know, kind of maddening, but he's worth it." Megan smiled. Timo told her he'd have to meet this Derrick, sometime.

"We could go out? I can think of some places you guys might enjoy." Timo kept smiling as if all was not lost. He could be a good neighbor.

"You know, you kind of make me think of someone back home." Megan then said after their lingering dinner, on their walk home.

"Oh? Is that good or bad?" Timo wanted to know as he gazed at her, thinking he so needed someone like Megan.

"Good." She beamed. "Really, good." She nodded as if she were happy to have met him.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Looking forward to learning more about Timo! :)

Sara said...

I am glad she told Timo she is is married. I hope Timo takes it well!

AnoBanO said...

Fabulous Post!!! Im following you so please follow me back and check out my new posts :)
XoXo :)

ellie said...

Timo is definitely a character!

Josie said...

I kind of love Timo.
xo Josie

blue hearts said...

There is something sly and mysterious about him. But I love the way he talks to her.

deeps said...

is it another cross road??