Thursday, March 29, 2012

open range

Alex was beginning to think he wasn't much of a sleuth. But he was still curious about who was in the house.

There was a hunch that maybe something might be going on between Smed and Caitlin. But then when he found out Caitlin broke up with Zeke, he guessed Smed was only trying to be a friend. After all, he was still seeing Natalie. He seemed completely devoted to her.

As it was, Logan was worried about Randi and the baby. He was usually on his cell everyday with his mother, wondering if she'd heard from Noel. Alex watched and waited. And listened.

Then finally he caught them in the hall. Alfie was keeping a girl in his room.

"How long has she been here?" Alex wanted to know.

"I dunno." Alfie was all mysterious about her. She seemed quite harmless. After all, she'd been laughing at one of his jokes.

Alex introduced himself. Told him there was no reason to hide her. Hattie was welcomed here. Of course, he guessed he should have talked this over with Sammi, but she was always with Lyle these days. He never saw her. Perhaps, she'd moved out without telling anyone.

"I think we need a house meeting." He finally announced in the kitchen a few minutes later before everyone got away. Of course, Sammi was no where in sight, but someone had to take charge.

"And do what?" Caitlin looked at him as if it wasn't his job.

"Re-evaluate,  I suppose. You know, living here. If we should or shouldn't advertized for more roommates." Alex said point blank.

"I dunno." Caitlin squirmed at that. She liked who was here and who wasn't, or so she said.

He then introduced them to Hattie. "Alfie's friend." He left it at that. Naturally, Hattie took a yogurt from the fridge and wanted to go into hiding with Alfie.

"Maybe, Nat would want to move in." Smed smiled.

"Are you sure? That's wise?" Caitlin looked at Smed as if that was the worst idea, ever. "I could ask ..Dung.." She said ever so carefully then.

"I think that would be great." Alex smiled. At least, he knew him. "Are you seeing him?" He hated to be nosy, but maybe friends with benefits was not exactly the way to go.

"No. Of course, not." Caitlin gave him a look of disgust.

"Well, Zeke is sorely missed." Alex said it before he knew it might bother Caitlin. But it was true. "He was a good friend. Agreeable. Helpful. The place just doesn't feel the same without him." He stared at Caitlin as if maybe she should try to get him back. But she turned to her coffee as if she didn't speak his name, anymore.

He guessed he'd text Sammi, and ask about the idea of new roommates.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm excited to see who turns up as a new roommate! :)

Stylish By Nature said...

Best Wishes :)

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ellie said...

This should be interesting. Glad he found out about Hattie.

Josie said...

Oooh, can't wait for a new character!
xo Josie

Sara said...

I am excited to see how the new roomates are going to all get along!