Monday, March 19, 2012

a powerful underside

Noel was growing a beard. When he looked himself in the mirror, he hardly saw himself now.

"Maybe you're incognito." Javi smiled at him. Noel closed his eyes tight and couldn't help but laugh.

They were going to get high, again. God knows, how long he'd be at the school. Not that used clouded judgement at the school. Yet, he had to believe Javi saved him from something that night when he was at a bar, getting drunk.

Javi took him back to his place. It wasn't much more than a motel room. But still it was his little home.

They'd met at a frat party long ago. Noel remembered now. And they'd got along great. Such laughter. Javi was cool, and knew a lot people. But then he heard word that he'd left. Was going to New York City. Only it hadn't worked out. So seeing Javi was like seeing an old friend. They caught up on how things had been. Noel told him the lie about Randi. He truly believed it to be true now. That was not his kid. He was not going to worry about it.

Why in world had he gotten mixed up with Randi in the first place?

His eyes were so tired now. But Javi made him something to eat. It was a meal in a flour tortilla.

"Come by tonight, if you get lonely." Javi then said. He was on his way to work. His smile was jovial. Noel sighed. There were papers to grade. He really needed to get back to the teaching life. Yet, he felt half way in it. A part of him wanted to be somewhere else. The life of the party. Spitting bad jokes and talking about gross sex.

He really was as dark as his five o'clock shadow.


ellie said...

I liked that last line.

Josie said...

That last line is GOLD, Meg!
xo Josie

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, he's so bad. I don't even feel sorry for him.

Mimi said...

i agree with ellie, the last line is really good. :)

<3, Mimi
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Cafe Fashionista said...

He's in for it now. :/