Friday, March 23, 2012

somewhere in a story

"I  read a story...I think from the Talmud, about how unborn babies have perfect and total wisdom of the earth and the heavens. But the minute a baby's born, an angel strikes him on the mouth, causing him to forget everything. This is why babies cry when they're born, for the loss of all that knowledge. And that is also why everyone has a little indentation between their nose and upper lip, the mark of the angel's blow."-Judy Budnitz

Randi read this to Zeke when he came over. Maybe he was listening, but she was pretty sure the only reason he was there was to see the baby.

"Its not like I'm going to temple or anything." She then said. It would be too much. Besides, she wasn't totally Jewish. What would her mother think? Although, she was staying at Natalie's parents. They were kind enough to take her in. She was in Natalie's old room with Ari.

While her mother didn't address this issue when she did stop in to see Ari..going to Temple.The fact remained, her mother felt sure Randi would be scarred for life by the c-section. But she didn't talk about that with Zeke. He probably didn't want to talk about Jewish folk tales, either.

"So how have you been?" She put the book away.

"How, have you been?" He asked right back, as if it might be some sort of ongoing joke between them.

"Not so bad." There was the home nurse that visited once a week. Ari was growing. There was the breast feeding, which took a total of three days for Randi to figure out. She'd decided it was best for her and Ari. And, she didn't want to admit it, but she loved it.

She spoke of Noel's mother who was here the first week, bringing all sorts of goodies. She kept apologizing for him. But his mother wasn't sure where he was, either.

"She gave Ari some money." Randi hardly thought of it, as her own. She'd put it in a savings account for the baby. "I have to do something."

"I know. You have to find Noel. Make sure he pays child support." Zeke agreed.

"I ..just don't know..what if he..he makes Ari go through a paternity test and everything?" Immediately, she was teary eyed.

"Well, he's got to pay. One way or another. He really left you hanging. We could go out to that place where he teaches. Now that would be quite the sight, huh?" Zeke smiled as if he'd be right beside her.

"God, I hate the thought of it. It wouldn't have to be like that, would it?" Randi winced, thinking it would be a horrible moment caught on You Tube.

"No, just fill the paperwork out. That's all you have to do." Zeke shrugged. He offered to help her with it, if she wanted.

Randi nodded.

Ari awoke, and she knew Zeke wanted to hold her. She couldn't help to be thrilled with the fact that Zeke was here, but a little of her envied Ari. She wanted Zeke to hold her, too.


ivy's closet said...

Such an interesting quote. I hope Zeke gets the hint soon.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Haha! I love that quote! :)

Sara said...

Aww, Randi must be so lonely :(

Josie said...

Poor Randi...
xo Josie