Tuesday, March 27, 2012

what's to know

"OK...so..what you're telling me..." Derrick needed to get this straight. "You went to lunch with some guy. A guy you met in the laundry room?" Derrick's brow furrowed. He wasn't sure if he should be jealous or not.

"It was nothing." Megan shrugged as she was folding clothes on the bed.

"Huh." Derrick knew he shouldn't over react. "Who is he?"

"Well, his name is Timo." She looked up at him, all so innocent.

"What kind of name is that?" Derrick winced as if that was a terrible name. A name that should offend him, somehow.

"I dunno. German, I guess." Megan suddenly didn't want to talk about him. She wanted to show him a picture on her cell phone of Randi's baby. She'd sent her a gift card from Macy's. She hoped Derrick didn't mind.

"What about this Timo?" Derrick was back to that. This mystery guy that Megan knew in the building.

"What about him?" She acted as if she'd never see him again.

"Well....I want to meet him." Derrick thought he needed to meet this Timo. After all, he hadn't made a friend at work. He was dying not having someone else to talk to, besides Megan.


ivy's closet said...

Derrick does need to meet him.

ellie said...

That's sad that he doesn't have any friends at work.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Megan should be more responsive and less secretive about Timo. :/

Sara said...

I am glad she told him, but I feel like he is so lonely. Maybe he is just jealous because he hasn't made his own friends.

mazzy may said...

Oh, she needs to tell him, everything.

Mimi said...

oh man, i feel sorry for him. :/

<3, Mimi