Thursday, April 26, 2012

in dreams

OK, they'd gone out with Timo. Actually, Megan was kind of glad. She would  have been scared, otherwise. Timo knew the territory. He always got what he wanted.

Granted, some of those places were a little seedy. It was kind of a blur now, when she thought about it. Hopefully, they'd never go back, again. But she had to admit, Timo never met a bartender, he didn't like. He could chat up waitresses, as well. It was like a gift. She'd never met anyone like him. Even so, when she was with him, he made her think of Smed, somehow. Smed on speed. She smiled at the thought.

But now she was droggy. She could barely keep her eyes open. It was as if her body fell in wet cement and couldn't budge at the moment. Why had they done this? Go out with Timo. 

Every bone in her body ached. It felt like the flu in full throttle. What had they done? At the moment, she couldn't do too much of anything. She could barely lift her head, off her pillow. Megan thought she'd been buried in concrete.

She closed her eyes. It was early yet. It had to be morning. She dreamed of seeing Caitlin, back home. Really, home. It was a nice dream. Caitlin and Zeke were back together. They were showing her their baby, which so happened to be Timo's dog Izzy. Of course, she told them that was no baby. What were they doing with a pitbull? Caitlin got hostile in the dream - Megan didn't know a real baby when she saw one.

Actually, the only person Megan really wanted to see was Smed. But Caitlin and Zeke were no help. So in the dream it took her forever to get to the kitchen, where no one seemed to know her. Where is Smed? Megan kept asking in this dream. Alex told her he was in his room downstairs. So off she went. Didn't he want to see her? She wanted to see him. Oh, so badly.

In the dream she tapped on his door..which opened. And there was Timo.

Megan's eyes shot opened. She jerked up, which made her head ache more. She turned to see Timo asleep, next to her. Derrick was snoring on the other side of Timo.


ellie said...

Evidently, someone was also drugged too.

ivy's closet said...

What a nightmare on so many levels.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, what could be the secret meaning???

Cafe Fashionista said...

What a horrible nightmare! :/

mazzy may said...

What have they got themselves into.

Josie said...

Oh, my gosh! Hope Megan's okay after that.
xo Josie