Saturday, April 28, 2012

kind of a heart to heart

Sheila watched Smed chop up celery and onions for the pot roast. He was making his favorite, using his mother's recipe.

"I wish you'd tell me, whats really going on?" Sheila knew he was keeping something from her. Yet, there was a secret of her own she wouldn't breathe of, either. She'd spent a good hour or so with Alfie in his room. Actually, his bed. It was hard to keep from smiling, but that was different. Smed needed to confide in her.

Smed stopped chopping and looked at her.

"Everything is fine. I'll get through it." He nodded and went back to the carrots.

"Its just, you deserve better. You won't let yourself have better. I don't even understand it. I don't." She shook her head. "And, and Zeke, he's such a good guy. And he shouldn't come in last. I hope it works out with him and Randi. I do." She told Smed that she liked Randi. "And I want you stay with Natalie. I think she's the best thing for you. You have to see that. And you deserve to be with her."

Smed cracked up then.

"I saw how you look at Caitlin." Actually, it was the way Caitlin looked at him, but Sheila didn't say that. "You know what she did to Zeke. How, can..can you even look at her?" Sheila got up to get some juice.

"She's an old friend. OK? I've known her since high school." Smed put the vegetables around the roast and slid it back in the oven.

"She won't even talk to Zeke." Sheila eye-balled him then. Something was not right about that. "I would be so furious with her, if I were him. He needs to yell at her. He does. I told him too. I did. But he won't. I know him. He'll just go on and be a stupid little turtle."

"Did you call him a stupid little turtle?" Smed smiled.

"No, of course, not." Sheila smirked.

"I wish you were here, all the time." He put his arm around her and gave her a kiss on the side of her forehead. Now that was something she liked to hear.


ellie said...

I do wonder what's up with Smed. I'm glad they talked.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Smed always knows the right things to say. :)

simon and josh said...

Smed's a good brother. Gotta wonder what he'd think if he knew about his sister and Alfie.

mazzy may said...

That was funny about the little turtle remark.

ivy's closet said...

Sweet moment!

lucy and sarah said...

I love Smed!

Mimi said...

i agree with ellie, it's good that they talked.

<3, Mimi

Josie said...

Smed is just my ideal man. Seriously.
xo Josie