Monday, April 16, 2012

nobody knows where it might go

"Don't you see it?" Natalie thought it was true. "Zeke likes you." She told Randi a day or so later when the guys took Sheila out to the zoo then out to eat, without them.

"Lets not get ahead of ourselves." Randi rolled her eyes. She was busy with Ari. Another diaper change. She didn't like to go out as much with Ari as Natalie, expected. Too many germs, according to Randi.

"But, he's so good, you know, and you're good for him." Natalie sensed it. "He's a good guy."

"I know, but he might not be ready to be ..that good." Randi smiled.

"Don't you guys go out, every Sunday afternoon?" Natalie reminded her that had to count for something.

"He probably just feels sorry for me." She was sounding mellow, and Natalie didn't want her thinking that way.

"Well, I hope you give him a chance." Natalie picked up Ari after Randi changed her. She was growing like a weed. Stronger, everyday. Still, Randi heard nothing from Noel. Natalie couldn't tell her enough how she hated the guy. She'd never expected him, of all people, to run out on Randi.

"I still think Zeke needs some sort of closure with Caitlin. I mean, it might work out, yet." Randi shrugged.

Natalie sighed.

"I was telling her about studying abroad. How it might not be too late. How she should try, to go to Europe, for awhile." That's when Natalie told Randi about her trip to Paris. Yes, once again she'd be working at band camp, but this time, in a beautiful location she'd always dreamed of.


Sara said...

A good talk for them. Let's see what comes of it :)

Sara said...

A good talk for them. Let's see what comes of it :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Natalie is truly going to have the time of her life! :)

ellie said...

I'm so happy for Natalie!

mazzy may said...

Wooo...they both may have changes ahead of them.

Josie said...

So exciting for her!
xo Josie

Bonnie said...

You are a great writer. I really need to get caught up!
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