Monday, April 2, 2012

out and about

It wasn't like Megan had telepathy and could will Timo here. She didn't even have his phone number. Perhaps, she could have asked, but that would have been weird. However, she wasn't banking on seeing him.

At least, she got Derrick to trying the Indian place. It was close.

"We'll have fun together." She told him. Although, he was moody lately. Of course, she still wondered if he were the father of Randi's baby. Although, she did her best not to think it.

 She didn't know what his problem was. She was even more alone in this big city. She was about to go stir crazy.

There was Caitlin to talk to, who told her she'd talk her way through it..if she'd just go out on her own. But she hadn't yet. She was not brave. Unfortunately. So here they were. They were going to tackle the subway together. Today.

But on second thought, maybe they could stay in. She knew that kiss of Derrick's. It was the start of something.

" said, we were going to do this." She pushed him off of her. Sometimes, she had to be the one to set the rules. No more procrastination. Soon enough, they were on the elevator on their way out. Holding hands. Perhaps the blind leading the blind, she was afraid. Of course, when they got to the street, it was startling. Which way to go?

Megan was feeling a little shaky. Why didn't she feel more secure with Derrick around? Where was her faith in him? Soon enough, she lead the way. They'd go for food first. That sounded like a plan. Of course, a block or so down, she thought maybe she was lost. It might have been the other way. But when they took a turn, there was this dog. Muzzled.

Immediately, this alarmed Megan, even if it were on a leash. She looked up to see it was Timo who was handling the dog.

"Hey, what are you guys up to?" He was friendly enough, as he smiled at Megan. He introduced himself to Derrick. "I was wondering when I'd get to meet you." He told them about Izzy then. He'd been with her since she was a puppy. Izzy was part bull dog and part lab. "But she's not a pit bull. I just have to keep her muzzled so no one thinks they're in danger. Really, she wouldn't hurt anyone."

Still Megan wasn't so sure. She stared at the dog who looked at her as if she owned Timo, instead..

"Oh, um, could ..could we get your phone number, you know, since..." She blew a breath. "Maybe we can do something, sometime."

"Yeah, why not." Timo smiled. He gave her his number. "See you guys, around."

He went on his way with Izzy. They watched him for a while. She saw Derrick's weak smile.

"We're making friends, right?" He asked then.

"Yeah." Still they needed to cross the street.. "We can do this. We can. We are sane people who can enjoy this place, like anyone else." She coached, dragging him along.


Sara said...

I am glad that they are attempting to get out, I would be scared too!

Cuppykirsten said...

It's good they're trying (: it will be okay eventually, I hope.

With love, Kirsten

Josie said...

I really hope things work out!
xo Josie

ellie said...

I'm excited for them. They can do it!

lucy and sarah said...

Izzy sounds a little scary.

ivy's closet said...

Aw, that's sweet..they are trying this ..together.

Cafe Fashionista said...

They seem to be on rocky ground. :/

deeps said...

Surprise is the most interesting part of life…
well, more surprises in store for them ha?