Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a very vague truth

"What did he say about me?" Megan wanted to know everything that Dung said. It was hard to believe he was moving in to her old room. A part of her felt... he was the one who got away. She waited on her cell for Caitlin to remember every little detail about him.

It wasn't that Megan wanted him now. It was the idea that he didn't want her, or did he? And she felt a twinge of anger as she remembered all the time and effort she'd put, into dating him. It was just not right. He was a hard nut to crack, so to speak. She made herself laugh at the thought.

"What is so funny?" Timo looked at her. They were in the park with Izzy. She'd gone out on a walk with him. Slowly, she was thawing out to the city. There was still a bit of a winter chill about, but it was good to not be indoors.

She got off the phone with Caitlin. "I know what this guy's problem was." She shrugged with a smile thinking it was true. Had to be. "He's gay."

"Gay? What are you talking about? I think you're a little to judgy, you know." Timo winced as if she were a bit silly.

"Why else? He didn't like me." She told him.

"And that's your answer to everything, huh?" Timo asked as Izzy lead the way with her broad shoulders. Really, the dog looked to be a monster in a sleek coat. Megan didn't know how Timo kept up with the dog.

"That has to be it." It was such a perfect revelation to Megan. Suddenly, she felt better about a lot of things. As if she'd aligned the stars herself.

"Maybe, you were just not his type." Timo shrugged.

"Precisely." She agreed. Back to Dung being gay.

"But then again, who would want to be with someone, named Dung?" Timo looked at her as if that must have been the problem. Maybe it was Megan with the problem.

"You have not met this guy." Megan's eyes lit. Yes, she'd really wanted to have sex with Dung. She couldn't deny the lust of this thought. Just once, she thought. Just one time. He was fit. An endearing smile, although, sometimes his words did not fit with that smile. Megan thought these days were over. She was married now. Yet, she envied Caitlin so much. She would live right across the hall from Dung. Soon.


lucy and sarah said...

Megan is still just a bit rotten as usual.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It looks like trouble is on the horizon. :/

Sara said...

Oh geez Megan! When I think she os going to grow up..

ellie said...

Megan might never really grow up.

ivy's closet said...

Maybe Timo will set her straight.

mazzy may said...

She probably wouldn't have been happy with Dung if they'd hooked up, either.

Mimi said...

oh dear megan...

<3, Mimi
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deeps said...

even truth can be vague :D

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