Sunday, April 8, 2012

the whole truth

Sheila did her best to not let it show, but she never could quite stand Caitlin. Never had. Not from the first mention of her. She never did understand why Zeke was so in love with her. Now here Caitlin was with Smed.

What was that about?

Funny, she'd never liked her brothers' girlfriends. She was happy when Smed and Megan broke up. She remembered her little victory dance when Smed told her the news. Of course, she tried to sound sad about the matter, but she'd ended the phone call with "You deserve better."

Yet, this was such unfamiliar territory. Being here, on her own. And it was odd, thinking Smed still being with Megan. Even now. She remembered their room together. How Megan always tried to be friendly around her. And now Megan was married. Even worse, Zeke moved out. He didn't call her to talk about it, and she missed that. He used to tell her everything. She hoped that didn't happen with Smed. She felt closer to him, even if she knew she shouldn't. But deep down, she knew he needed family, and he was family.

"What was that about?" Sheila asked after Caitlin left. "She's not trying to get Zeke back, is she?" Sheila eyeballed him.

"Don't think so." Smed shook his head.

"Smed? What did she do to you?" She got his attention.

"Its all right. Its all OK. Really." His smile was quick as if he was trying to be remotely calm, but she could sense it..Caitlin hit a nerve.

"So, are you and Natalie, OK?" Sheila wanted to get to know her. She'd never actually met her. Smed talked of her.

"We're great." He laughed, but she didn't actually believe him. "You'll have to see her cousin's baby when you're here."

"Babies? That's not contagious is it? You and Natalie thinking about having a baby?" She was curious.

"I don't think so. Not this year." He sighed. "Nat's waiting to hear if she'll get to study in France this summer."

"France? How's that gonna work, Smed? Are you going with her?" She wanted to know.

"Me? Go to France? Um, no." He talked about his job at the University. He was calling right now to say he needed a few days off. His sister was in town, and he wanted to make sure they spent some time together.


Natalie said...

I totally understand what it's like having to smile at a person you STRONGLY dislike.

ellie said...

Its an interesting perspective from Sheila's pov of Caitlin and Megan.

Sara said...

A little nosy, but for the best maybe?

Cafe Fashionista said...

France! What an exciting opportunity! :)

Josie said...

FRANCE? No way!
xo Josie