Saturday, May 26, 2012

highs and lows

Spring had felt awful cold to Sammi. Yet, her world revolved around Lyle. She'd learned a lot from him, in so many things.

He was the resourceful sort. And Sammi worked on being resourceful. She didn't need the things her step-sister stressed to be happy. No, if you looked at life the way Lyle did, you were the one who called home. You were the one who didn't ask for much.

He helped a lot back home. Perhaps he was the backbone there too. His father was not doing well, so he did a lot with the feeding and other chores.

Yes, he'd made her see things through his eyes. Life was hard, yet he didn't let it bring him down. It didn't bother him that he was only a janitor. He did a class or two when he could. Mainly, he wanted her to focus on her studies.

Hadn't she decided what she was going to do with her life?

She thought about what he said. About helping others. A part of her thought about being a nurse. Except she didn't like blood, so she'd settled on early childhood development. She got with a program to help out in classes where it would be more hands on. It was a program to help her learn what worked and what didn't in the classroom. Also, it would certainly help her learn if she was cut out to be a teacher.

It seemed settled now. She knew what she really wanted. And the future looked so amazing. She hardly thought about roommates or any other battles going on at home. Lyle was her future. It felt set in stone. Or it did?

Lyle waited until the last minute to tell her he joined the Army. Instantly, it didn't feel right. She wanted to be OK with it. She tried. But it was as if he'd stabbed her in the chest. Perhaps ripped her heart out and squeezed every last tear she had.

But he told her he had no choice. The family was in a financial crisis. The farm was gone. He could only see his future through the Army, helping him in the long run.

"It won't be forever," he promised. But she was in an ocean of tears already. She was completely ill by the time he left. She was certain he would be better off without the military.

It was the downward spiral of everything. Perhaps, she didn't even want to get better.


ivy's closet said...

I think Sammi is growing up. Maybe it won't be all bad.

ellie said...

Sammi has changed. I think for the better.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is such a horrible turn of events. :/