Sunday, May 6, 2012

in a secret meadow

Alfie wished Alex would have never brought up Hattie. He didn't want to discuss her. It was over. Completely.

Especially, after spending the morning with Sheila. He did his best to look sad and miserable, but inside he was bubbling with happiness. Sheila was a pleasant surprise. And maybe she was the best medicine for him.

It had been more than cornflakes with Sheila. At the moment, he wished they could runaway. He couldn't possibly wait to see her, again. After all, she was a pretty good sidekick to have with him when they took Paul to see THE LORAX.

Honestly, he believed she was the best thing that ever happened to him. But the downside, she wanted it to be their secret. No way, was he suppose to breathe a word of it to Smed or Zeke. A part of him thrived on this idea. But was it really so bad that he was seeing their 17 year old sister?

His cell rang then and it was Sheila. He was all grins.

"Is it Hattie?" Alex was curious.

Alfie shook his head, no.

"Just Paul." Alfie lied. Actually, he hoped he never heard from Hattie, again.


ellie said...

Too bad alfie is giving up on her.

lucy and sarah said...

oh, Alfie.