Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It could happen

"I got offered a job at the zoo." Randi told Zeke on one of their matinee outings. It was after the movie and he'd drove her back to Natalie's parents.

"Like your old job?" Zeke smiled as if that would be nice to have for the summer in concessions.

"Its a different job. Like full time." She told him she'd been studying for a while now on being an animal doctor. She already had her vet. assistant license, and she'd volunteered there, helping with the injured and sick animals. "I can't believe they asked me. I guess some of the older people retired. And they thought of me."

"Wow, that's great." He thought they should celebrate.

"Its just I live so far away." She was hesitant about the opportunity. She had to think of Ari. "I dunno if I want to move back to Sammi's. Yet, I've never been on my own with Ari, either." She didn't mean to panic about it, and she didn't want to worry him, either.

"But, this is like a dream, isn't it?" Zeke reminded her. "You can't pass it up."

"Well." Honestly, she didn't know if she had the energy for it. She'd have to look into child care and transportation. She wished she hadn't brought it up.

"Maybe..maybe I could help you." Zeke bit his bottom lip.

Suddenly, Randi felt a little light headed.

"Its just, I don't want to ask you to move in with me." He was so serious. Randi felt so sad. "I'd rather if..if you want to be with me, then lets get married."

"Can you say that again?" Maybe she'd not heard him correctly.

"Randi, will you marry me?" Zeke asked.

A tickle was caught in her throat. She wanted to laugh, but instead she threw her arms around him and said, yes.


ellie said...

Hopefully, they aren't rushing in to anything. Although, they really are.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...this is so cute! I hope they're making the right decision. :)

Sara said...

wow! I hope it works out for them, they have been so good together!

Josie said...

I hope things work out for them! I just adore them together.
xo Josie