Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the midnight party

Natalie had no desire to drink with the dead. As they called it. It was late, and someone got the idea how fun it would be to take cheap bottles of wine to the cemetery and drink it.

"You are no fun at all!" One of girls from New Zealand told her. Their group was safely tucked away for the night. It was time for the counselors to have fun.

"Shhh.." Natalie was in her pink camouflage pajama pants and pink tank top. She'd just brushed her teeth, and in her flip-flops. But she was pulled along the dim-lit thin hall that wound around to the main entrance. Someone was already drunk She supposed she could go along just to make sure no one got hurt.

Before she knew it, the small group was coupling up. She felt left out. But there was Hallum left behind too.

"What is this?" She whispered.

"Jesus, this is what they call fun, or have you not had it described to you, like the original summer ritual." Hallum scoffed. He was his negative self with his hands rammed in his cotton trousers. His miserable grimace prevailed.

"It looks like they've matched us up." She remained even lipped.

"Suppose so." He sighed. He strolled down the steps as she looped her arm around his. She guessed they'd make the best of it in the moonlight.

It was warm out. A very faint chill of spring remained. Natalie couldn't help but hug his arm closer. She felt very under-dressed for the occasion.

"What do we do?" She thought maybe they should do a bit of role-playing. He could be a prince and she could be a long lost princess who knew nothing of her royalty.

"Get shit-faced and make out. What do you think?" He shrugged. Seriously, Natalie liked her idea better.

Soon enough the small group was tossing out bottles of wine. Someone said they drank wine here like water and burst out in laughter.

Luckily, Hallum didn't lose the one that was thrown to them.

"I think they got this out of the cook's stash in the cafeteria." Hallum sighed as he looked at the label. He ripped the tin foil from the wrapper. "This is the cheap stuff. Not even corked." He made it sound as if it were the worst wine party ever.

After Natalie took a bitter taste of it, she thought he was right. He made a face under the night lights of the cemetery. But he gulped more and finally smiled. He handed back the bottle to her. She did her best to try to get past the ghastly after taste. Finally, a warm feeling poured over her senses. Yes, the wine was working, but they weren't laughing like the others walking on graves.

"So who did you leave behind this summer?" He wanted to know.

"No one. Evidently." She flicked her stringy hair behind her back. She looked up at him, wondering what he thought she was doing. She bumped her forehead in his chest. He steadied her with both hands. Then he chuckled.

"Evidently? What do you mean?" Hallum asked.

"You wouldn't be interested." She sighed, and took another sip of the horrible red wine. She guessed she'd be sick before the night was over.

"I might be. I mean, this is what I've been working for..for the last two years. Just to have to make sure kids don't wonder off campus. And here I am, wondering off campus. How promising is that?" Hallum could evidently hold his liquor. Although, he would prefer a lager any day, to this.

"Well, my boyfriend broke up with me, just before I left. Then when I was on the plane..he decides to tell me the truth. He kissed someone." She told him as they walked away from the cemetery. Hallum chunked the wine bottle in a trash can.

"At least, you had time for a boyfriend." He told her she was better off than him. He studied constantly. Didn't have time for anything else. And what did he have to show for it? "I seriously have a lot of making up to do." He kissed her on the lips, so suddenly. Natalie couldn't help but laugh. "You want to call him? Tell him you kissed, someone too."


ellie said...

Interesting happenings.

Cafe Fashionista said...

This is not heading in a good direction. :/

Sara said...

I don't think this is a good idea, I hope they are careful!

ivy's closet said...

Maybe he's better than we think.

lucy and sarah said...

I really hope it'll get better for Natalie.