Thursday, May 10, 2012

recreational activities

Caitlin looked forward to Natalie leaving. She couldn't help but smile about it. Of course, Dung took it as a sign that she was happy he moved in. Thus, this kind of surprised Caitlin too. They'd struck up a rather unlikely friendship.

First it was about Megan, they talked about. Was she really happy? Of course, she told him she talked to her all the time, but she wasn't really sure Megan was happy. He seemed fascinated with Megan's old room which freaked Caitlin a little, but there was plenty of time for long talks.

He helped her get the pool in order so they could go for a swim. It would be summer before they knew it. And suddenly, he wanted to spend it with her. She was reluctant to pick up on this. Actually.

Of course, there were also long conversations on the phone with Randi, too. It seemed she'd taken it upon herself that Caitlin needed to resolve her issues with Zeke.

"There is nothing to resolve." Caitlin said instantly.

"What? Total silence is resolving things?" Randi didn't think so. "You've got problems and you need to talk to Zeke."

Only Caitlin didn't feel like it. A part of her was waiting for Smed to be with her. Yet the weeks wore on. He was avoiding her, even more as if she really were strange.

 When Dung asked her if she would kiss him, because evidently Dung never kissed before..she went for it.

Really, it was like an experiment. Possibly, this was going to be an experimental summer for Caitlin.


ivy's closet said...

Caitlin definitely seems to be on the wrong road, these days.

ellie said...

I dunno if I like this Caitlin.

Sara said...

I am happy that she is going to be okay, I am just wondering if she really knows what she wants.

lucy and sarah said...

This could be trouble.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Caitlin is so out of control right now. :/