Tuesday, May 8, 2012

some things you just let go

Derrick tried his best not to act as if anything happened with their weekend with Timo. There was so much he didn't remember. Naturally, it took him most of the week to get his wits about him. His head hurt for days afterwards.

Yet, he felt as if he and Megan were closer now. She babied him. Made him rest, which meant more sex in the end. What could he say, he was a guy and one little thing made everything better. Which meant, he was pretty happy.

So he wouldn't mention Timo. Megan didn't talk about him, either. She was also in the midst of writing a paper for some online class she was taking. It still amazed him that she was going to still get a degree in teaching. Although, in July she needed to get back and work on a summer class on campus. Could he bare to be away from her that long?

There was talk about how she'd get there. First by airplane, but didn't she know how expensive that might be? Maybe by bus. They didn't argue about this. Instead, she was busy trying to make new things that would last them the whole week, like soup or chicken salad.

Yes, Derrick was sure of it. They could get by on their own in the city. Especially, without Timo.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I only hope Timo stays out of the picture. :/

Sara said...

Wow, I wonder if Timo will stay out.

Always Unlucky said...

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