Friday, June 1, 2012

happy thoughts

Possibly, this was the most brilliant mistake Hallum had ever made. He wasn't one to take chances. Ever.

His mother said he was the one who'd have his head stuck in the sand a long time after everyone left. She worried with him occasionally that he never had enough friends. And he wasn't exactly making any this summer, either.

Maybe he was a little light headed. He couldn't say it was completely the wine. There was something about Natalie that gave way an infectious smile. It was hard to keep calm around her. He didn't want her thinking he was a complete idiot. Perhaps that's why he went out of his way so much to ignore her. But here they were. And when she said her ex called to tell her he'd kissed someone...well, he went with it.

Hallum didn't want to think what a sloppy kiss it was. He didn't do this on any occasion. Perhaps it was the ghastly wine that gave him courage.

Of course, she stared up at him in the moonlight with disbelief. Suddenly, he felt anxious and mad at himself that he'd invaded her space, and he should turn to run, but instead her fingertips touched his jaw and tugged him more. She showed him what she liked.

Her smile made him all the more warm. He took her hand.

"We should really find a place to about coffee?" He offered as if it were baffling to stand here at the entrance of the cemetery. He asked her if she'd seen the sights. She shook her head, no.

"I haven't been, either. So busy." He supposed. "But lets make plans. We have Saturday afternoons free." They wouldn't be busy with teaching, nor corralling kiddies then.

"I'd like that." She sighed.

Soon enough they were at an all night diner having coffee and pastries from the day before.

"So, you must not be anxious to get home, I take it?" Hallum set across from her at a little booth. He wanted to keep staring at her to take her in, but he kept looking at his creamed coffee, as not to make her think he was weird.

"My cousin's getting married." Natalie shrugged. "But its OK, if I miss it. She's marrying my ex's brother."

"Wow, that is.." He shook his head. "Maybe, you'll just want to stay here, for good. know, there is always London." He grinned.

"I wish." But she doubted it.

It did seem like a dream at the moment. Although, Hallum hoped if it all went well with the two of might come true.


ellie said...

I'm glad they went for coffee.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I really like the two of them together! :)

Sara said...

aww, he seems pretty nice! good to see his point of view!

ivy's closet said...

Maybe he's the guy Natalie needs in her life.

lucy and sarah said...

I have a feeling they could be good for each other.