Sunday, June 17, 2012

how about now

Dung liked this casual thing with Caitlin. Even if they didn't call it a thing. Actually, she didn't call it anything. But it was something. Most definitely. Of course, talking was exactly on their to do list. It was not a big priority. Usually.

No, it was more like a dance of some kind and Dung followed. Honestly, he thought if he really thought about it long, he would think himself out of whatever this was with Caitlin.

"We need to talk." He said early one morning when he overheard her say to someone that Meg was coming to visit.

"We Do?" Caitlin looked at him as if she didn't know what he even thinking of. "About what?" She winced, hugging herself as if they'd need to go to a top secret location in order to do this sort of thing.

"You know." He kept waiting for her to make the right guess, there on the stairway. Before he knew it, she pushed him into his room and shut the door behind her and just stared at him.

"Things are fine." She was her very mellow self.

"Are they?" He winced. "Look, maybe you could stay in my room..when..Meg's here. You know. She can have your room."

"Now? Why would I do that?" She looked perturbed that he'd brought it up. Practically, mad. "She won't even be here, but a couple of days. It would be like the old days."

"Old days?" Dung didn't get it.

"Yeah, before guys. In middle school we practically lived at each other's house on the weekend," she said. "I want us to get a little bit of that back. It'll be ...well, I need that. She's expecting it."

"Oh." Dung wasn't sure he liked that idea. "I just might..We might decide to tell everyone, we're a couple."

"Why?" She winced.

Suddenly, Dung felt as if they'd come full circle. Maybe, this didn't justify being a relationship. And maybe he was finally ready for one.


ivy's closet said...

Sometimes, you get what you wish for. I don't think Caitlin is completely to blame.

ellie said...

I'm feeling pretty said for Dung. I hope its not too late.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an awkward situation. :/

FWB said...

Maybe she'll wake up and decide they are more than just casual.

ellie's desk said...

I'm hoping they are more than just casual.

mazzy may said...

Romance might be in order now.

Sara said...

I am not sure if they are on the same page here :/

Mimi said...

oh man, i feel sorry for dung. :/

<3, Mimi
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