Thursday, June 7, 2012

Its better than I ever even knew

Timo had a problem. Well, there might have been a lot of problems in his life, but the real one at the moment was the fact that he didn't have the money nor the means to keep up with Izzy.

She was an amazing creature. He'd been with her since she was a puppy. He'd trained her. She was a very good dog. For the most part.

Except, she hated diets and he should have known what would have happened if she didn't get fed on time. She ate up the couch.

He didn't dare strike her or she might would have eaten him up too.

"You couldn't pick me up some dog food the next time you're in the grocery store, could you?" He asked Megan. "I'm kind of short on cash."

"I guess I could. How much?" She wanted to know.

"I dunno. How much can you carry?" He gritted a smile, as if it were embarassing to ask, but he wasn't getting so much work from the temp agency. They hadn't found him an acting job in months.

"Why don't you come with me?" She told him she'd get it, but he'd have to carry the dog food home.

"OK." That sounded great. Still, he didn't know what was going to do once the owner got back from his European business trip,

"I've been thinking I need to get out of town." Timo said a little later once they were roaming the grocery store.

"Like a vacation?" Megan pursed her lips as if she might could plan something.

"Yeah, I guess." New York City was his dream, but it was becoming a nightmare. He needed to re-evaluate, start over. Something. He knew his parents weren't going to throw any more money at him. They were done with all his schemes and plans.

"I do have to go back to the University for a few test, pretty soon." She shrugged.

"How soon?" He wondered as he grabbed a sack of dry dog food. It was the cheap stuff, but he was sure Izzy would devour it.

"Like the end of the week." She sighed.

"We could rent a car." He smiled.

"But I planned on flying back." She looked at him.

"A car would be much cheaper, and Izzy and I could come with you." Timo put on his best smile.

"Do you even know how to drive?" She festered a glare.

"Of course, I do." He gritted. Only, it was ages ago since he had driver's ed. He'd never actually had his own car.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish that Megan would see how shady Timo is. :/

ellie said... is definitely worming his way in.

ivy's closet said...

I dunno what to think of him. Exactly. Poor Izzy.

ellie's desk said...

Maybe Timo needs real friends so he can be a friend.

W. said...

What is he up to?

Sara said...

Man, what is Timo up to now?

FWB said...

Timo is so complex.

Mimi said...

ugh, so shady! :/

<3, Mimi
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