Sunday, June 3, 2012

its not a dirty thing

Derrick couldn't help himself. He could never stay mad at Timo long. After all, he was possibly the coolest dude he knew. Not like those jerks at work. Derrick understood he was the new guy. His co-workers weren't exactly showing him the ropes. Instead, he felt more like the butt of their jokes.

It was all so serious. Having to be dressed up.

"Suit and tie. And for what?" He was always hunched over a computer. He'd even had to start wearing glasses. Honestly, the job was making him old before his time. He needed the likes of Timo around.

So what if Timo ended up spending the night from time to time. Just weekends. The bed was big enough for the three of them

"You haven't been telling any of this to Caitlin, have you?" Derrick drew a frown as if Megan needed to not exaggerate. It was just going out. Having fun at the bars. Staying out late. It was no big deal.

"No." Megan shook her head as she concentrated on some class of her's online.

Derrick wasn't sure he believed her. He knew how Megan liked to talk.

"There is nothing going on." Derrick had to believe that. Still he wondered where all these friends of Timo's were that he kept talking about. For the most part it was just Timo and Izzy, the dog. Of course, Derrick was petrified of the dog. Some of the time, he wondered if Timo needed to get away from the dog.

He kept telling them how obedient Izzy was. She was perfect. Still, when he took her out in public she had to wear a muzzle.

Maybe there was a lot he didn't know about Timo, who was the type who'd ask Derrick questions. For a while, he didn't think Timo worked, but they'd found him dressed up like an ice cream cone handing out flyers. He usually worked a few days a week.

It was always good to see Timo on the weekends. He'd take them to a new place. Sometimes, to see a local band, maybe even a poetry reading. Yes, Derrick had a friend. Maybe a friend for life.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I wish Derrick could see through Timo; he's not a good person. :/

ellie said...

Derrick is going through a rough time, I'm sure.

FWB said...

Well, somebody is wrapped around Timo's little finger.

lucy and sarah said...

Derrick is in such a strange time of his life.