Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a lot like it used to be

"Something is different." Sammi winced. Smed was chopping celery and carrots in the kitchen. A zuccini practically had his name on it for the veggie stirfry.

She squinted harder thinking he was doing this to fight his frustration out on something else. Maybe Megan was on his mind.

"Different?" He looked up at her with that oblivious squint of his. She knew him too well, she thought.

"About Meg." She held his gaze for a moment.

"I have no idea." He shrugged. She believed him. There was this genuine faith she couldn't over look when it came to Smed. After all, he was there for her.

Still, Caitlin made her feel like an outsider. Maybe she always would even if this was her house after all.

"I think, you should got talk to her." Sammi knew he'd do the trick, somehow. She'd be honest with him. Maybe.

Smed shook his head, no. He'd have nothing to do with Megan.

Finally, Caitlin came in through the backdoor. Her huge round shades still covering her eyes. She reminded
Sammi of a bumble bee. Such a busy bee, lately.

"I think you need to talk to Megan." Sammi hoped she didn't say too much.

"What's wrong?" Caitlin put her glasses back like a headband as she looked Sammi over as if she was the crazy one.

"I dunno." Now Sammi felt she was under the gun.

"What did you say?" Caitlin asked.

"Nothing." Sammi squinted harder.

Smed looked at Caitlin as if she had no right to be so mean to Sammi.

"Would..would you just go, see what Megan's problem is. She is your friend,Caitlin, after all." Smed spoke up to Caitlin. 

Caitlin cringed at him as if he were the one with the problem. She raced upstairs then.

"God, this all we need. Girl drama." Smed was indifferent as he tossed  the veggies in the hot oil.


Alessandra Carlomagno said...

great post!
kiss kiss

Cafe Fashionista said...

Haha! Smed is a character. Boys never like girl drama. :P

ellie said...

Oh, I wouldn't want to be dragged into this..either.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, the drama! Its just beginning.