Friday, July 13, 2012

in these shoes

"Where is everyone?" Hattie sneaked up the basement stairs and found someone new in the kitchen. She wanted to talk Alex, who was like a big brother to her.

True, she'd not been wise in the beginning when he wanted to help her. He's showed up at the strip club. At the time, she thought he was on drugs, instead of her. But soon enough, everything came crumbling around her. There was no one to trust but him.

So she'd gone to the clinic with him, stayed a few nights trying to get her act together then ended up in a halfway house. Once a week, they got together, to talk, let him know her progress. Actually, things were much better these days. She was working at Salvation Army. None of her old crowd had found her yet. Hattie did her best to blend and not want for much.

"Some wedding." His dark dishwater hair slid across his heavy lidded eyes as he dried and put dishes away. "Do you live here?"

"Not exactly?" She watched him carefully wondering if he were a friend of Alex's or maybe Smed's brother.

"Should I call the cops?" His sly lips almost where in a pout.

"Don't do that." Hattie tried to smile with a wince. She introduced herself.

"Well, I'm new," he said. "Its just me and my dog. We live in the basement. I'm Timo." He shook her hand.

Hattie bit her bottom lip. It had been a while since she met a stranger.


Cafe Fashionista said...

With Timo around Hattie's in for trouble. :/

Always Unlucky said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog:)

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Ewelina said...

great post!

ellie said...

This will definitely be interesting about these 2.

mazzy may said...

Maybe Hattie will figure him out.