Sunday, July 29, 2012

just a little revelation

How long could this go on?

Dung wasn't really happy with this arrangement. It couldn't be a game to Caitlin, could it?

He did as she'd motioned him to go. Go away, in fact. It left him in a pout. Maybe he was a little boy, after all, or an idiot.

But this was what he was used to. This was what he wanted. Caitlin.

And it infuriated him now that she would not claim him as her boyfriend. What was up with these people?

True, he didn't have much faith in relationships, anyway. He was new to this sort of thing. Really, he wasn't sure what was expected of him. But he knew now.

And Megan was taking up too much of Caitlin's time.

He slipped down to the pool. Maybe a swim would clear his conscience. Alex was cleaning the pool.

"Aren't you down here, awful early?" Alex's impish grin caught him off guard. Alex knew what was going on with Dung and Caitlin.

"Megan." He didn't mean to sound pissed. He knew he had no right to be, but he couldn't help it. He dove in to the peaceful water to clear his mind. He swam the length of the bottom of the pool and got out.

"Maybe, we need a coming out party." Alex laughed softly.

"That just sounds..strange." Dung winced. He wasn't gay.

"Secrets are never quite as good as you might intend for them to be." Alex shrugged.

Dung nodded as he dried off. If only he could get Caitlin on board with this idea.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I don't know if this is the greatest idea. :/

ellie said...

Maybe Dung is gonna change.

Ewelina said...

Happy Monday! :)