Saturday, July 7, 2012

a little talk

"Well? Are you or Aren't you?" Megan cornered Smed in the kitchen. No way was she letting him off this easily. How could he do such a thing? Take up with the likes of Sammi. What was he trying to do to her.

"Yeah, you're really funny." Smed smirked. "I just don't get it. Why does it bother you so much? Huh? Wasn't like I gave you the third degree when you got together with Derrick? And you know how much you hated the when? A year or so ago?" He sweetened his coffee and added some milk. It was the morning of Zeke and Randi's wedding.

Megan was in a huff. In fact, she had a major headache. She felt like throwing up.

"Why? Smed? Why?" She cringed at the thought of Smed having a baby with Sammi. That was just too much, to think on? Why was she thinking it, anyway?

Smed just laughed.

"Sammi is my friend. We are best friends. And..and I like that..that I have that with someone." Smed finally confessed.

"'re sleeping with her, but you're not having sex?" Megan gave him a dead stare. He didn't admit anything. Megan shook her head. "Its like ..I don't know you anymore."

"And you, haven't changed a bit Megan." Smed looked her in the eye, and went on his way, leaving her completely alone in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Getting to the nitty gritty there.

ellie said...

Megan never had any qualms about how she talked nor treated Smed. I suppose she's dense about some things.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Megan.

lucy and sarah said...

She really feels comfortable talking to him.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Smed's right...she definitely hasn't changed. :/

Brooke said...

Smed is way to nice to her.