Tuesday, July 3, 2012

making a pac

"Of course, I'm not going to the wedding?" Caitlin squinted hard. Was Megan crazy to ask? They'd been so happy to see each other. Honestly, Caitlin was glad Megan was here. She squeezed her hand, thinking of how it used to be when they were in high school. Megan would tell her all about a date that Caitlin could only imagine. Now all she had to talk about was Derrick. "I haven't even mentioned Timo. Don't you dare ask me about the wedding." Caitlin snapped then.

"Sorry, I just..thought..maybe..." Megan looked as if she was truly apologetic.

"Its OK." Caitlin sighed.

"So! What's with Smed?" Megan stared at Caitlin as if she hadn't told her everything.

"He's with Sammi now." Caitlin was indifferent about it.

"Are you kidding me?" Megan winced with disgust.

"I dunno, what he's..really doing with her." Caitlin shrugged.

"Obviously, he's messing around with her. He's trying to get over Natalie." Megan crossed her arms immediately. Caitlin could see Megan didn't like it one little bit.

"Just..just let it go. Sammi hasn't had the best summer. Lyle left her. Then she got really sick. Promise, you'll just be..OK with it." Caitlin would hate there to be any arguing going on. Of course, she wouldn't mention Dung, either. That was a touchy subject too. "But, I want you to go to wedding." Caitlin touched Megan's shoulders. "Tell me if..if Randi is having my wedding." Caitlin swelled with tears. It was impossible to be happy for then. A part of her wanted to make them miserable too, but she really wasn't that kind of person. Was she?


ellie said...

I hope Caitlin will be a better Caitlin soon.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Megan and Caitlin can be trouble when they're together. :/

ivy's closet said...

Megan can be a bad influence.

mazzy may said...

Caitlin needs to rethink the situation. I can see her emotions are probably getting the best of her.