Tuesday, July 31, 2012

maybe, baby

"Mom? Please..please..please, let me stay." Shelia was starting to sound quite mournful. This was what she'd been working up to, all summer. Some time with Alfie.

Of course, she went on and on about how she wanted to  know her brother Smed.

"You can't keep that from me, Mom." Now she was sounding more confident than childish, she thought. She was dressed appropriately. She was in her jeans and College Tee-shirt that Smed gave her when she got there. He'd showered her with a gift bag full of items from the bookstore. "You know, he wants me to go to the University. Please..please let me stay until school starts."

"But, he'll be busy. You'll get bored. You know, how you are." Her mother sighed as she folded up what was left of their laundry so they could go home.

Sheila winced hard as if it were not fair. She would go into a tangent, if she had too. But luckily, Smed showed up. Told her how Zeke wanted to spend more time with her, since he didn't get to before the wedding.

"See!" Sheila was almost on her hands and knees, begging.

"Are you sure? It won't be any trouble?" Her mother looked at Smed as if maybe he could be one of her own. That maybe they were a family. She touched Smed's arm, so caring. Her mom did care about Smed.

Sheila wanted to, as well. But there was the Alfie matter. This really was about Alfie, after all. She just needed to keep this act up, until she got what she wanted.


ellie said...

As if the Meg thing wasn't enough. I wonder what trouble Sheila will get into?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sheila is just not a good person. :/

Sara said...

Sheila needs to really grow up.

ivy's closet said...

I hope she doesn't get the best of the situation.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope somebody tells them what's going on with her.

Brooke said...

This looks like trouble.

blue hearts said...

What is up with her?