Monday, July 23, 2012

not exactly down time

Megan was in a fog. Why had she went to Timo first? This was no way to handle it, but like a school girl wanting to tell her closest friend first...she'd gone to Timo. What did that mean? She cringed at the thought as she was at least alone in Caitlin's room for a while. Caitlin was at work, and while she was away, Megan finally decided to take a pregnancy test.

She was just late. That time of the month. No other symptoms. That alone had to be a bad sign. Yes, there was the headache, but she thought that was Smed's fault. Or maybe she was having what Sammi was having. What did Sammi exactly have, anyway? Smed?

It was all messed up. Her thoughts. The past. The future. It was suddenly making her feel all the more lost. Where could she turn now? A knock came to the door.

"Its you." She sighed, letting Sammi in.

"You've been up here an awful long time. Are you OK?" Sammi looked even more thin. How could Smed love a thing like that? Her body so willow. She looked old now. Maybe even still diseased.

"I was reading." Megan snubbed as if she might be a princess of some kind, and it was none of Sammi's business.

"What are you reading?" There was no book on the bed nor in Megan's hand.

"Actually, I've decided I..I should be studying. I have this horrible paper to write. You know, how it is." She sighed.

"I really like the hands on programs I've been taking." Sammi liked talking about education. Immediately, Megan snarled as if she didn't need to hear this.

"How's Derrick?" She wanted to know.

"Fine." Megan wrapped her arms around herself as if she couldn't help to be cold to Sammi.

"Where are your favorite places to go in New York City?" Sammi was all smiles. Megan was sure of it now. Sammi just wanted to pester her, and she didn't have time for it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Definitely not a good situation. :/

Sara said...

Aw, I think Sammi was just trying to be nice! She has come a long way!

ellie said...

Megan is being a baby.

ivy's closet said...

I really wish she'd cooperate, be friends with Sammi.

lucy and sarah said...

Megan is her usual seems.

Mimi said...

i hope they can get along...

<3, Mimi
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