Sunday, July 1, 2012

one thing leads to another

Sheila could hardly wait to get her hands on Alfie, but it seemed impossible. Her mother was here. Why did she have to come? Oh, yeah, her brother was getting married.

They stopped at Zeke's first. Hopefully, her mother would be swept up in the baby stuff, wedding arrangements and giving Randi the third degree about marriage so Sheila could make her escape. She definitely planned not to stay for the wedding.

Soon enough, Smed drove her over to the house. She witnessed Megan and Caitlin's reunion. It was like watching a pre-teen movie in Sheila's eyes. How ridiculous, she thought. Soon enough, she excused herself and found Alfie.

And they made up soon enough in five minutes. He was all smiles. It felt so perfect.

"We have to go." She told him in her next breath.

"What? You, just got here." Alfie's bewildered look was still charming. It made Sheila smile more.

"Don't you know, the fun hasn't even started yet." Somehow, they were going on a roadtrip, even if it was on Alfie's scooter.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Adventure awaits! :)

ellie said...

Are they sure that's a good idea??

mazzy may said...

Can Alfie handle Sheila?

Linda said...

Getting me worried.