Friday, July 27, 2012

What friends are for

"What's up?" Caitlin didn't try to make an issue of it, but maybe Megan had a spat with Sammi. They never got along.

"What?" Megan squinted so as if she might be sick.

"Did you and Sammi have a fight?" Caitlin tossed her messenger bag on the bed and plopped down. Her feet ached and she wished Megan would go back to New York. For the first time, she really missed Dung. It was harder than she expected...not to act as if she hardly knew him with Megan around. She wanted her daily schedule back. Which meant she'd be in bed with him, about now.

"God, no." Megan squinted harder and what looked to be a smile...Caitlin knew it wasn't.

"Meg, what have you done this time?" Caitlin motioned her to come over and sit with her. Megan might have looked all carefree and confident in her prairie skirt and flirty blouse, but Caitlin suspected she was faking it.

"Its nothing." Megan assured her. Caitlin could see her falling to pieces.

"You can tell me, anything." Caitlin put her arm around her.

"You don't want to hear it." Megan licked her dry lips before a tear slipped. Many more came as she cried on Caitlin's shoulder.

Just then, her door cracked open. It was Dung. He mouthed "Is this a bad time?"


Sara said...

Oh wow. Poor Caitlyn, I know what it is like to have one of those friends. You love them, but they are so needy.

ellie said...

Maybe Caitlin is seeing Dung, differently, too.

Ewelina said...

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lucy and sarah said...

Its kind of funny, even she's getting tired of Megan.

ivy's closet said...

I hate that Megan is dragging Caitlin down like this.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Dung would have to show up. :/