Friday, August 24, 2012

a prickly thought

Sheila was really getting sick of the Megan situation.

God, would these people just for get about her. She rolled her eyes just at the thought of Megan. Maybe that's why she was glad to be at Zeke's after all.

Naturally, the fun stuff wore off there too. They'd bought her souvenirs from their honeymoon. They were back to work so fast too. This was not the way she'd planned it here with Alfie. She didn't get to see him at all now.

This was so not right.

"Are you homesick?" Randi told her she didn't look well.

"Yeah, I guess that's it." Sheila shrugged it off. Except Alfie was on her mind. She wanted one simple thing, to be with Alfie. It felt like such a fun secret until now.

"So what would you be doing if you were home, right now?" Randi asked if she missed her Mom.

"I dunno. Sometimes, we go to matinees." Her mom liked to go shopping with her, occasionally. Of course, her mom was always trying to get her to thrift more. Her mom always made everything a life lesson, only Sheila never really listened.

"Do you ever get to see your Dad?" Randi really slapped her in the face with a past that no one ever mentioned.

Sheila thought she might have pulled a face of disgust when Randi brought up her dad.

"He's in jail!" Sheila was immediately defensive. "What makes you think I'd ever see him?"

"He's still your dad." Randi looked at her as if it were the simple truth.

"Well..." Shelia turned away. Why in the world did Randi bring her Dad up? Was she annoying Zeke with questions like this.

"Maybe, that's..that might be're so distant." Randi told her her observation. It only made Sheila cold and uncomfortable. All she really wanted was Alfie and she wondered just how she could get to him. And he had nothing to do with her Dad. Nothing at all.


lucy and sarah said...

That was interesting how Randi brought up her Dad.

Chris Ed said...

There were too many questions for her particularly the part with her dad

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Sheila. :(

Ewelina said...

Nice writing! :)

Sara said...

Poor Randi is just trying to help.