Wednesday, August 22, 2012

away from her

What were his options?

Alfie was trying to distant himself farther away from Sheila. Thankfully,  her brother was back from his honeymoon and they wanted her to stay them for a while. As it was, she didn't get to say goodbye since he was staying at Paul's.

He was a full fledged Nanny now. He had his own room there. And he was just as well moved in. There were a lot of nights, maybe weeks where he had to stay at the house, due to Paul's mother. She was on her safari or something. Hopefully, his life was on autopilot now. He wasn't going to be dumb about this and devote his life to Sheila. He would let her go.

She'd lied to him about her age, for starters. He needed to keep remembering that. However, she did a lot of things he didn't think 15 year olds would know.. As it was he wanted to keep her as sacred as her brothers thought of her.

He would focus on Paul and what went with keeping him educated and being free of Sheila. Still, it was unusually difficult not to have her on his mind. Something about her made him feel wonderful. Or it did, until Hattie spoiled the reality of it. Now, he didn't take her phone calls. Alfie just hoped this didn't backfire on him.

"But I thought you said you'd met someone new." Natalie reminded him when she called to see how his summer had been.

Naturally, Alfie thought he might have a heart failure. Had he mentioned her by name to Natalie?

" didn't happen." He knew it was a lie, but it was one he needed to keep. Perhaps for his sanity. He just hoped Sheila was a good person, deep down. Or would something like this change her? "How was your summer?" He was eager to know as he'd just gotten Paul to bed and he had some alone time.

"It was amazing. So amazing, I'm thinking of bringing something back." She was full of laughter.

"Like what? You can't bring back part of the Eiffel tower, you know." Alfie couldn't help but joke.

"Its a guy." She then explained.

"You met a French guy?" Leave it to Nat to find herself in love with a French guy, he thought.

"No. He's English." She told him.

"You met a bloke, now did you? In Paris?" Alfie mocked as if he attempted an English accent that possibly came off more French. Now she was giggling. Suddenly, he forgot all about this matter with Sheila. Maybe everything wasn't so bad. Hopefully, all was well. At least he felt that way sharing good news with an old friend.


Cafe Fashionista said...

A new boy is always a good thing! :P

Chris Ed said...

Cool chapter:) lying about her age isn´t cool!

Sara said...

Alfie is more mature about things than I thought, I like him :)

ivy's closet said...

I feel for Alfie. Bad situation.

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, I think he's growing up.

ellie's desk said...

He's grown up so much since the beginning!