Sunday, August 26, 2012

in another world

Megan didn't think she'd feel quite this warm in a hospital gown. But she was actually in a sweat. It was as if she were an oven of some kind. Naturally, bun in the oven came to mind. She cringed at that thought. Still her feet were freezing, and she felt quite alone wondering what she could do next.

Sure, Derrick was sort of a comfort. She guessed. He'd hugged and kissed her as if he'd really missed her the last few weeks. For a second, she'd missed him too. He made her smile. But at the moment she felt like a lonely island in the middle of the ocean.

Of course, the exam brought her back to reality. So formal and all those questions.

"From our calculations, looks like you might have a Valentines baby." The doctor said there was a sonogram room available. They were in luck. Oh, so lucky, he was making it all seem like a packaged deal of some sort. He promised she would be OK to travel. Everything, was checking out so normal.

She just didn't know she could trust normal.

Soon enough, Derrick was brought back in. He was in his cargo shorts and the normal University Tee. He'd worn flip-flops. She winced then as if this was not appropriate.

But the doctor retold everything to Derrick about the test and everything else at his fingertips. They proceeded to get ready for the sonogram. At least she could wear her yogi pants and stretchy camisole for this part.

She wondered how many times she could change before the day was over. Suddenly, she was certain they'd find there was a monster of some kind burrowing in her womb. Perhaps a dragonfly that would turn into a dragon.

Megan wasn't sure she wanted to know. She tensed as if this was be so difficult, yet it happened in a matter of seconds. These sort of live shows were quick and full of information.

"It does look like February will be the month." They were assured then that everything was perfectly on schedule.

Still Megan gritted hard. She didn't expect good news. It was all such a mystery, the past few months. There was the idea that it was not the sanest time to become pregnant. She cringed at the thought that something abnormal would strike at any moment.

There had been drugs. It was such a horrible thought. The equation of it. Not that she'd wanted to be on drugs. And it didn't have to be her. There was Derrick to think about. And of course, Timo. She bit her bottom lip. Only, Derrick squeezed her hand back to reality, as he watched.

They were going to have a girl.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Derrick doesn't wind up heartbroken. :/

ellie said...

Maybe they can both get through this.

lucy and sarah said...

This is cool. I hope.

Anonymous said...

Ohh! lovely post!
you write so good!

Anonymous said...

I follow you"

Chris Ed said...

This is difficult situation! Hope she can get through this.

Wish you great week:)

Ewelina said...

have a good week!

Josie said...

I hope this works out for them!
xo Josie

Alysha said...

Aw, I hope everything works out for them!