Tuesday, August 14, 2012

in the heat of the night

"How did you know how old she was?" Timo wanted to know. At the moment he was trying to stay as far from the house as he could. He was over at Hattie's having some very hot tea when he knew they should have been having ice cream.

"I guess I heard it from Logan or Alex. They know Sheila." Hattie shrugged as if she had to let Alfie know.

"So, you...gonna hook back up with..this Alfie, again?" Timo made a face of disgust.

"No. He's definitely over me." She sighed as if she'd caused him some lingering illness. As if now she was an illusion of some sort, or perhaps an entirely different person now.

"And this Sheila, its all her fault?" He smirked as if she was bad news, just like her name.

"Possibly." She held her warm mug. They sat in floor at the coffee table. It was kind of uncomfortable. But he didn't mind.

"I bet he misses, you." Timo found the words slip before he even imagined why he said that. Actually, he felt a little sad at the thought that no one would ever miss him. But then again, he was like that.

"Hardly." Her laugh was soft as she looked in the brew of the mug. "I put Alfie through a lot. But I really liked dancing with him. I wish..that was all..it could have been."

"But you don't feel like saving him now." Timo shrugged as if that's what super heroes did. A part of him felt as if Hattie was saving him from something, right now. Yet, inside him was something that was calling him back. As if he couldn't give too much of himself away, even if deep down...he wanted too.

"No, he'll be fine. I hope. I hope he stays away from her. I would hate for him to get in trouble. He's a good guy." Hattie's dark eyes looked up at Timo. It was as if she really knew what was inside that head of his. And it made him nervous. Too nervous to stay around before she could pick his brain... about what might really be going on with him.


By Larissa said...

Nice blog.

ellie said...

I do wonder how complicated Timo really is.

lucy and sarah said...

Hattie just might get to the bottom of what's up with Timo.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Someone needs to reveal the real Timo. :/