Saturday, August 4, 2012

It'll be just us two

Dung was on his way to see Caitlin, but there she was in the doorway of the patio. She looked really sad too. He jerked on his V neck sky blue t-shirt so he wouldn't be so under-dressed, even if he were still in his swim trunks.

Caitlin looked as if he might burst into tears. Before he knew it, she was hugging him tight. It was very odd that she'd do this. Possibly, she was having a change of heart about Zeke, and she'd want Dung to take her to the vacation spot Zeke and Randi went too.

"Are you OK?" He felt her melt into tears. She didn't say anything but cried on his shoulder. He was certain she was going to make herself sick. She wasn't even out of her work clothes, yet barefooted.

"What is it?" He wanted to know. No secrets. He wanted to shout about it, but instead he looked to see how upset she was.

"I shouldn't talk about it." She swelled a frown.

"Like, I'm going to say anything. You, can say what you want. Have I ever told anyone..about us?" Dung said, but then looked up. Alex knew. Still, Alex was not a gossip.

"Its Megan." She finally let slip.

"Well, she's OK, isn't she?" Dung brushed her bangs out of her face now, so he could see her more clearly.

Caitlin, shook her head, no.

"What happened?" Dung wanted to know. "Did you two have a fight?" He knew they could be the best of friends yet the worst of enemies.

"She pregnant, but says..says she has to have an abortion. She wants me to go the abortion clinic, but I can't. I won't. I just can't." She looked as if she might have a melt down. all over again. As if she were asked to do the procedure, herself. "This has to do..... something with Timo. I just know it."

She grimaced as if she might never forgive Megan if she went through with it..

Dung was sure now he didn't know Megan at all, but he hugged Caitlin as if she never had to see Megan ever again.


lucy and sarah said...

Maybe Dung is going to be there for her.

Gianella Peralta said...

Whatever decision you'll make, whether to udergo the abortion or not, please deeply think about it...

ellie said...

Hopefully, they can be the friends that Megan needs.

ivy's closet said...

It would possibly upset Caitlin more than Megan. Hopefully, they can just be there for her.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope she decides against it. :(

FWB said...

Its a bad situation. She needs to think this through.