Thursday, August 16, 2012

not exactly the tunnel of love

Derrick thought he said HUH..first thing when he heard from Caitlin what was up with Megan. He really didn't know what to say. She called back, to tell him the real truth about Megan.

Suddenly, everything felt as if it had stopped motion. Completely. But he couldn't just stand there as if time was not going to move. He needed to say something.

First impression. Where in the heck were they going to put a kid in this one room apartment of their. Instantly, he felt claustrophobic, yet full of guilt. As if Megan better take care of this.

"I'll catch the next flight out." He promised. He'd promised that before.

Still he felt as if he were going very slow. Although, he managed to call everyone at work about the out of town emergency. Of course, he couldn't give specifics. What if Megan already did it? The procedure was done.

He was mad that she'd been so cool and what not on the phone with him. Damn, she'd missed her calling. She should have been an actress. She could have been the main evil bitch on a soap opera, he was beginning to think as he packed.

Naturally, he sensed she'd put Caitlin through torture. She should have known not to discuss this with Caitlin, who after all went through a miscarriage.

Soon enough, he took a taxi to the airport. It felt strange to be on his own this way. Even stranger, the thought he could be someone's father. He leaned back in the back seat of the cab in thought that this was such incredible news.

But why had Megan told him? Why hadn't she been excited?

Suddenly, he felt jarred back to reality. A truck was stalling in front of them.

"Look, I have to get to the airport. I have to get to the airport." He said the words. It was like he was sensing it now.

What if it wasn't his?

He felt frozen, and freakishly strange. He needed to figure this out. He needed to be ready for the worst. But what would that be?


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such an unsettling thought to have. :/

ivy's closet said...

Oh..Megan. I hope he'll be there for her.

Sara said...

OH wow, Megan needs to grow up!

lucy and sarah said...


Not an easy time for Derrick.

ellie said...

So much to think of..the future.

FWB said...

This is going to be trying for both of them.

Chris Ed said...

Oh I hope he will be there for her