Sunday, August 12, 2012

setting the motion

Caitlin winced when Dung handed the phone over. It was her cell, after all. Still she couldn't make herself call Derrick. So Dung did.

Caitlin winced hard.

"What's going on?" Derrick's voice sounded as if he was expecting the worst. Like a car-wreck or Izzy mauled Megan.

"Hey, call." Caitlin did her best to smile. She expected Megan to hate her for this, but she was married now and Derrick was her husband. They were suppose to know everything about each other.  "Um.." She cleared her throat.

"Is Megan all right?" Derrick's voice went a little high as if he hated this anticipation.


"What? Just tell me?" He wanted an answer. Now.

"I think you should be here. Can ..can you fly out here? Maybe take Megan home." Caitlin gritted, wishing she didn't have to say it. This was their business, not hers. And it was possibly the worst predicament she'd ever been in with Megan.

"Did you two have a fight?" He sighed as if this was so Megan.

"Yes." Caitlin guessed it was like that. Although, she'd felt so numb when Megan told her how she was going to take care of the situation.

"I can't believe this. All she talked about ..for weeks..was seeing you again. How she wanted to go thrifting with you. She was talking about all the DIY projects that you had in mind. Something about repainting your room. Looking for a chest of drawers..or something."

"Well, you know..we have creative differences." Megan hated the tangerine paint Caitlin picked out for her room. She thought melon suited her more. But that had nothing to do what was going on now.

"She's upset that..that I'm seeing Dung now." Caitlin stared at Dung.

Dung looked at her stunned, as if he had no idea she'd told Megan about him.

"And..well, she's not really talking to me at the moment. Is there anyway, you can get out here. Like tomorrow?" Caitlin hoped that was soon enough.

"OK, I'll see what I can do." Derrick sounded as if he'd do his best.

"Thanks." Caitlin sighed. "Look, I'm really sorry about this. I really am."

"You, don't have anything to be sorry for." He promised before Caitlin let him go.

"He'll call, as soon as he gets a flight." Caitlin said once she got off the phone. She blew a breath.

"Does this mean, what I think it means?" Dung was all grins.

"What?" She couldn't help but smile.

"You and me. You'll move in with me?" Dung touched her face then. Caitlin nodded. She had a feeling this guy would like the color tangerine.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ugh...Dung. I can't stand him. Caitlin is making such a mistake! :/

ellie said...

I hope Dung has changed.

ivy's closet said...

Hahaha..about what Cafe Fashionista said.

I dunno about Dung. I do think Caitlin should play the field. Just date. Really take a chance on seeing who is out there.

Sara said...

I like how close they are getting. It was good of Caitlyn to call for Megan.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope she told him..everything. But I know that would be hard to discuss.