Monday, August 20, 2012

When to shut up

Logan knew Caitlin wanted everyone to be on her side about this predicament Megan was in. Frankly, he wanted to stay mute. But here he was waiting for Derrick at the airport. Alex said he should go since maybe it was best to keep this ordeal really quiet.

"Well, he could catch a cab." Logan didn't see why he needed to go.

"Somebody has to be there for him." Alex informed him that Megan was waiting for him to make a grand entrance of some kind to save the situation.

"Whatever." Logan drew a breath. He didn't want to have anything to do with it. This was the sort of thing he knew he'd never have to deal with.

But then he thought of Hattie. He was a little on edge that she'd taken a liking to Timo. He hadn't got up the nerve to ask her why. There was something strange and indifferent about the guy. Why would she want to know him? Why was Derrick trying to help him in the first place? That was the first question that popped out of Logan's mouth when he met Derrick at the airport.

"I dunno. Guess,  he's the first real friend I had ..that far away from home." Derrick shrugged a if that couldn't possibly be a bad thing.

"What if he's not a friend at all?" Logan didn't speak about Megan. Somehow, he knew something must be be going on between the three.

"Look, he needs friends. Honestly, he does. I think you guys are good for him." Derrick told him as they walked through the big empty airport.

"You might have him out of your life at the moment, doesn't mean he's somebody elses golden boy, you know." Logan thought he should know about Timo and Hattie. He knew she was enamored with him. Just from the look in her smiling eyes when she was around him.

"I'm not bringing him back to New York." Derrick just said as if that would be the worst thing to do. It was as if Timo was there problem now. Not his.


ivy's closet said...

I haven't heard from Logan in quite a while. He's almost sullen.

Chris Ed said...

Very interesting chapter:)

ellie said...

I'm glad Logan spoke his mind.

simon and josh said...

I like Logan's questions.

Ewelina said...

I like Logan, she's OK

Cafe Fashionista said...

Logan needed to say something. :/

Sara said...

oh Timo, such a pain wherever he goes.