Friday, August 10, 2012

when the world was about to end

"What's she doing here?" Megan eye-balled Sammi right away. She was wearing her hair braided up as if she might be Heidi, the childhood favorite story.

Megan was holding Caitlin's room hostage. Evidently, Caitlin was leaving her in the cold. When she told her about the pregnancy test, Caitlin freaked. Especially, when she mentioned abortion. What was so wrong with that? Get it done now. And forget about it.

OK, that sounded cold, but thats the way she wanted to feel about it. She would. She would just have too. It could be their little secret.

But when she saw Smed at the door, she knew her secret was out.

"I wanted her here, know.." Smed kept staring at her as if she needed to spill, every little detail. "Look, have you even..seen a doctor?"

"No." She hugged herself as if maybe she could just go to the kitchen, invent a concoction. Drinking it, get rid of the evidence and wake up not remembering. It was kind of a dark fairy tale, but Megan thought she could deal.

"I think that's where to start. Get yourself checked out. There are tests to find out, if there would be any complications. You know, for the baby, and you. Maybe then you should decide." He sounded like a doctor.

She snarled at his words. Even though, he smelled so good, like a sweet cinnamon roll waiting to be devoured. He'd just gotten out of the shower, evidently. His wet hair combed back and he was in plaid chinos and a tan shirt. Sammi wore plaid shorts and a dark smock. God, they were so matchy match, Megan thought now.

Megan looked up at him as she sat on Megan's bed. She looked down at her vintage saddle oxfords. Her floral sun dress spread across the bed. It really wasn't an outfit to get an abortion in.

 She guessed he was right. Even so, she swelled a frown. Megan guessed she was going with the both of them to the clinic.


mazzy may said...

I like the part about how Smed smells.

Oh Megan.

Sara said...

As much as she hates it, they might be right.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad Smed wasn't alone. I don't think she's completely over him, either.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Looks like something big is definitely about to happen. :/