Thursday, September 13, 2012

all along

Dung was starting to see everything in a new light.

It seemed everyone was older, somehow. Like they were taking the next steps in life. He looked around as they were drinking to something. Cups filled with cider.

Zeke married to Randi with a baby. There was Derrick and Megan. Together. Oh so together. A baby on the way.

He almost spewed his cider on Caitlin when Smed announced his engagement to Sammi. Was he serious? Had Dung heard correctly? He looked at Alex wondering what he might commit too. He and Logan tying the knot?

Dung looked at them all wide eyed. He didn't like this. He couldn't fall into a trap like this.

And..and all that emotion in Caitlin's eyes. He knew it. He knew.

She was still in love with Smed.

He put his glass down, and withdrew himself ever so quietly from the party in the livingroom. Some 80's tunes played quietly in the background and everyone echoed their politeness over Sammi's simple engagement ring. He saw how Megan put her arm around Caitlin as a comfort. Of course, Caitlin was speechless, yet so sad. As if she didn't expect this to happen.

Dun escaped to the front porch. It was starting to rain. The front that moved in with a hot wind was now just a chill in the air.

A part of him was mad at Caitlin. The other, mad at himself. He'd rushed into this. He guessed. Yet, she was the only one he'd ever let himself get close to, and there she was lovesick over some guy from high school that lived in this very house with them.

He winced hard thinking he wasn't strong enough for something like this. No way could he be there for her if all along she was only killing time with him. Time. So precious. He didn't want to get hurt in any of this.

Dung went back in, and quietly went up the stairs to their room.

Yes, their room. All though, the comforter wasn't actually his. All he had to call his own was his laptop, a yoga mat and enough clothes to stuff a suitcase full. It really wasn't his room. It was Caitlin's. These were bits of her life, scattered about and he was only a small part of it.

Dung got his suitcase out of the closet and began to pack. He was pretty sure he was done here.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Let's hope no one interferes with his departure. :/

Sara said...

Poor Dung :(

ivy's closet said...

I laughed at CF's comment.

Some people really freak out at the most unlikely things. But I'm sure it must be hard to deal with something like an OLD FLAME right were you live.

ivy's closet said...

OH could he?

Chris Ed said...

I can understand why he is leaving...

ellie said...

Some guys just aren't ready for the next step. I don't think it would have worked with the long run.

Josie said...

I hope he can just get out.
xo Josie

Mimi said...

i feel really bad for dung. :/

<3, Mimi
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