Monday, September 17, 2012

if only

Megan wished she knew how to make time last. She wished they hadn't left so quickly. Of course, a good portion of that time in the past few weeks was being in a fuss about how she needed to fix this awful event in her life.

It was all Timo's fault. She did not say goodbye to him. She did not ever want to speak of him again. And yet, she was certain she'd be carrying a part of him for the rest of her life. How would she ever get through this?

Try not to think it was possible. She guessed. After all, Derrick was being oh so Mr. Congenial. Not once did he lose his cool. Secretly, she was certain they'd have a major blow up when they got home. But they didn't. Instead, they went to bed and slept as if they both needed it.

Perhaps, they didn't have the energy to fight about this. It was true, they were both at fault. And there was a lot they didn't really know. But there would be a baby come February, and her grandmother was coming next month. She'd heard from her mother just before they flew home. She wanted to see her at Christmas.

"My baby is having a baby." Her mother was so happy, and Megan guesses she wasn't drunk, either. As it was, her mother was calling from Vegas. She'd remarried. Some one younger. Someone with money, of course.

"Great." Megan did her best to sound happy for her Mom. Still, she wasn't sure how she was suppose to be a good host when they only lived in a studio.

It was good to be home. Yes, she'd missed their bed. It was big and just what she missed. A good sleep. But as slumber almost got the best of her, she jerked herself out of it.

Where was Dung? She didn't see Dung with Caitlin that morning. Of course, Caitlin cried when Megan left. But Megan was beginning to wonder if those tears were not for her.

"What happened?" She called Caitlin as soon as she went to the bathroom. She also needed to pee. "What happened with you and Dung?"

She managed a painful, "He left". Caitlin sounded so down. "I should have expected it. Its all my fault."


ellie said...

I'm glad Megan is there to Caitlin's friend.

ivy's closet said...

Hopefully, Megan is back on track.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe Dung leaving is what will mend their friendship. :)

Chris Ed said...

oh what a mess, cool that Megan is there for her!