Tuesday, September 11, 2012

it isn't always luck

"Are you sure you are OK?" Hattie touched Timo's forehead before he had a chance to back away. He didn't touch a thing on his plate even if he said he'd eaten enough. She didn't believe him.

"Is this because your brother is here?" She asked as they were cleaning up after the dinner so the others could catch up before Megan and Derrick went back to New York City.

"He's not-" Timo could barely talk.

"He's family. He came all the way from Minnesota to see you. Be happy he came." She told him as she went to rinse the dishes off before she washed them in hot water and a lot of suds. She really did enjoy the simplest of things now.

"Sorry." He shrugged. It really wasn't like him to be so apologetic.

He watched her work. She handed him the plate so he could rinse.

"I think we make a pretty good team." She smiled, giving him a nudge. She got him to almost laugh then.

"Really?" He winced then.

"You never know."

About then, Izzy came to the patio door, giving them both a sad look. Timo went to let the dog in. She watched them together.

"So do you think she missed Gavin?" Hattie asked thinking this would be a great time to take the dog to his brother.

"She was never his dog. Izzy is my dog." Suddenly rules applied and his voice was stiff. It was as if she'd turned the evil switch on.

"OK." She smiled and went back to the dishes. It was quiet then. What was going on? Maybe he didn't even like her.

"Just be happy somebody in your family still wants you." She said rather coldly. She knew for a fact her own family gave up on her years ago.


Chris Ed said...

It´s the worst thing, wenn the family is giving up on you.

ellie said...

Hopefully, Timo will think of someone ..other than himself.

ivy's closet said...

Maybe he needs someone like Hattie. I dunno if she needs him though.

lucy and sarah said...

It would be nice if he could be there for Hattie.

Mimi said...

oh no, that's really sad. :/ family is supposed to be the one thing in our life that is constant. i don't think i can ever give up on my family. :)

<3, Mimi
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Josie said...

I wish he could pull it together and be there for her.
xo Josie

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such sad thing to live with. :(

Sara said...

Oh I hope he is nicer to Haittie, she is sweet and just trying to be supportive. :(