Tuesday, September 25, 2012

just another day

Timo was afraid Gavin might see how he flinched when he heard the news. He was staying. He was upstairs. At least Timo was in the basement.

He sucked in a breath and finally managed to give his brother a "Fine."

Timo quietly went to find Izzy. He needed to be alone. It was true, Gavin cramped his style. It would be weird having his brother around. They were never actually friends. Why did he have to care now?

Timo put the leash on Izzy. He let the dog lead the way. Soon enough they were in a jog. Timo felt he might clear his head. Yet a part of himself felt he was in a melt down. Just how could he handle this?

His brother would notice. He knew the differences. But keeping all his personalities in tact was a bit unnerving.

What was he suppose to say? He wasn't always in control of them?

Sure, he was great at work. It felt as if was at least doing something right. He was friendly enough. Old women liked him. He found out someone remembered him on ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

"You could have been the new Todd Manning." She told him. "What are you doing here at Dollar General?"

He'd had a good laugh. Oh, he did have a face so sinister and evil. What could he say? He thanked her. But he was pretty sure his acting days were over.

But having his brother back in his life was a new obstacle to face. Next thing, his adoptive Mom would be here. Timo just didn't know if he had the energy for it.

Izzy took him right where he wanted to go. To Hattie's.

He noticed Alex coming from the boarding house. For some reason Alex scared him. As if maybe he was following him all the time. Wasn't like Alex had fangs and would actually do him harm. Still, he wondered what he talked about with Hattie.

Timo was sure he'd turn her against him.

"Hullo." Timo said first with hopefully an honest grin. But it was fake.

"Hey, enjoying this nice fall day?" Alex's smile was playful, as if maybe he was testing him.

"Yeah, Hattie, home?"

"Sorry, I drank all the tea she brewed." He smiled with a sigh.

Timo only nodded. He went on his way to see Hattie.

"Hey, see I missed one of your infamous tea parties," Timo said when he got there and Hattie let him in.

"Not to worry." She smiled as she reached for something in her closet. "Look, what I found."

It was a top hat. The real deal, too.

Timo had never seen one so exquist.

She put it on his head before he could stop her.

"Like it?" She smiled.

"I dunno." He'd have to check it out at her dresser next to her bed. He was sure it was hideous.

"Oh, you could pull it off." She put her arm around him as if he were her dearest friend.

"You mean, right now?" He winced. He wasn't so sure he was up for it.

"It's you. It is." She grinned.

"Yeah, if I were playing Abraham Lincoln." He supposed.

"I was thinking the artful dodger." She whispered in his ear.

Timo winced sadly. Was she wanting to play act? Evidently, she might be better at improv than he was.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Family can be a tough thing to face sometimes. :/

Sara said...

Something might be brewing there!

ellie said...

Hopefully, things won't quite be so tense.

Chris Ed said...

Interesting moment when Timo and Alex
have seen each other...

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad he's got Hattie.

lucy and sarah said...

I hope it works out.

Cait said...

Might be the beginning of something.

Alysha said...

Timo seems so tense. But I love Hattie though. She seems like such a happy person